3-30-300 - how to do it in practice

There is a large body of research showing the positive benefits of having trees in cities. Based on this research, a principle has been developed that serves as a working method with clear rules and objectives. This principle is called the 3-30-300 rule and is based on the following:

  • All residents should be able to see 3 trees from their homes.
  • That there should be 30% tree canopy coverage in each residential area.
  • Everyone should be 300 meters from the nearest park or green space.

Working with 3-30-300 is an effective way to make cities more resilient and residents healthier, both physically and mentally.

During this course we will go through the different parameters (3-30-300) and link them to practical actions and strategic decisions. We will also address common questions such as:

  • How do you measure 3-30-300?
  • How can the 3-30-300 be used to communicate with, for example, politicians and the public?
  • How can 3-30-300 be used in new construction and densification?


In addition, the course will focus on the different parameters in 3-30-300 and thus cover the following:


  • How can parameter 3 be measured?
  • How can trees be established in challenging locations?
  • The Plantable Spots method, which is a method to increase the survival rate of trees at planting, is presented and discussed.


  • There are currently a large number of ways to measure canopy cover, we will present the different methods and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these methods.
  • How can trees be preserved during e.g. construction to enable canopy cover to be maintained or increased?
  • What is the scientific evidence for parameter 30?


  • In Sweden, most people live close to green spaces, but how can the quality of an area be determined?
  • Free or trap 3.0 applied to different environments
  • We show how other managers have done to measure quality.


Type of course: Physical or digital

Time: 3-8 hours (including breaks)

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