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The Tree Office leads the Yggdrasil project!

Trädkontoret (The Tree Office) in Sweden has won the bid for the Yggdrasil project on nature-based solutions in Nordic cities. The initiative is a project in the Nordic Council of Ministers programme on nbs, which is a part of the Nordic Vision 2030. The project, led by Johan Östberg, focuses on promoting nature-based solutions and will centre around the innovative 3+30+300 rule, guiding urban greening efforts to enhance biodiversity, climate adaptation, and public health.

The key objectives of the project include assessing how well Nordic cities adhere to the 3+30+300 rule in their urban greening efforts, identifying opportunities to increase canopy cover, and examining the accessibility of green spaces in relation to socio-economic factors. Additionally, the project aims to create models for cities to fully implement the 3+30+300 rule and to build a collaborative network among Nordic cities and villages to share best practices and foster cooperation.

Trädkontoret's bid stood out due to several key advantages. The project team, which includes the original creator of the 3+30+300 rule, Cecil Konijnendijk, has extensive experience in conducting similar analyses and deliverables globally. With partnerships spanning municipalities, housing companies, consultancy firms, universities, and national government agencies across the Nordic countries, Europe, and the world, the Tree Office has the necessary connections for comprehensive information gathering and implementation. They have developed robust methods for assessing and mapping the 3+30+300 rule, ensuring high detail and reliability in their analyses. The team balances academic research and practical implementation, incorporating a wide range of perspectives on native and exotic tree species. With solid experience in developing and implementing strategies and policies for urban green spaces and nature-based solutions, Trädkontoret is well-equipped to handle the project's challenges.

The Tree Office's understanding of the project's tasks and their comprehensive approach to addressing potential challenges highlight their readiness to lead this significant initiative. The project promises to transform urban greening efforts in Nordic cities, contributing to a sustainable and resilient future.

The Project Group

What is Yggdrasil?

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Short summary of the projects main emphasis

Create a network of Nordic cities that can share solutions and ideas.

Evaluate how well Nordic cities are fulfilling the 3+30+300 rule.

Evaluate the species distribution within the Nordic cities.

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